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Beds can be made in many different styles  to suite your personality. Below you will find a base price for a few popular styles.








             King   Queen    Full   Twin               


Poster     $1000  $770       $705      $650                     

Canopy   $1560  $1320     $1210    $1100  


Sunburst  $1045   $860     $760     $660 


Bunk                                                  $1320



Add $415 for metal silhouette in bed frame

Add $715 for 6 under bed drawers









           King    Queen      Full     Twin                      


Poster       $1410     $1270     $1128   $1045


Canopy    $1980     $1760    $1600    $1430


Sunburst  $1485     $1320    $1210    $1100


Bunk                                                       $1540




Add $415 for metal silhouette in bed frame

Add $715 for 6 under bed drawers

Side Tables/Dressers

Side tables can be made to different heights depending on your mattress height. Below are base prices for common sizes.

Side Tables


Table/ drawer and shelf     $ 230

Table with shelf only         $ 193

Table only                            $ 155

Single burl post style          $ 193




Standard drawer fronts  

    $138 per drawer








  Wavy drawer fronts   

     $148 per drawer  









Molded drawer fronts

      $160 per drawer







Please contact us for price quotes on custom breakfast hutches and islands.

All prices below are a base price


Bar stools

All heights


Standard stool                         $148

Standard stool with back         $215

Swivel stool                            $176

Swivel stool with back            $242


Dinette chairs


Standard chair                            $192


Table benches       


Standard 14in width

$39 per linear foot




Dinette table 

$138 per linear foot


Table prices include double post pedestal and 39 inch width                                                                                   


Living Room

All prices are base prices and do not include glass.

Entertainment Centers


Standard 20 inch Depth 

$192 per linear foot

Price includes storage pull outs and bottom drawer bay.


Entertainment Hutch


Standard 18 inch depth or corner hutch          

$137 per linear foot




Sofa table with shelf  16 inches  wide            

$71 per liner foot


Coffee table 30 inch width                                 

$77 per liner foot


End table 24 x 24 inch                                      

$198 each




More Furnishings

Many of the items in this section are custom to the customers preference. Please contact us for a price quote on your custom piece.

Gun cabinets

Gun cabinets                 $165 a gun

Prices include tempered glass with drawer bay and keyed alike locks



$165 per linear foot


Entrance Signs

4 ft. x 4 ft. Sign $412

Price includes log frame and powdered coated metal


Hope chest

4 ft. long x 18 inches high 18 inches deep $495

Price included cedar lined with piano hinge and torsion lid supports

Metal art extra



Standard 6 foot high x 4 foot wide and 14 inches deep $385

Price includes bottom drawer bay


Picture Frames

1/2 round / flat log frames 12 Cents a Square inch

(Example 24 in x 18 in $52)



3 in thick Floating shelf $24 per liner foot 

Mantel 1/2 log shelf $16 per liner foot




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